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Ride the Heatwave!

  Oh my goodness this heat! It melts everything. And being too hot while shopping can be so irritating and uncomfortable. Remember this though. Most local stores have lovely air conditioning and it only takes a few minutes to cool down once you are inside. Then you can Ride the Heatwave!   Below are some tips to help you get your vigour back ready to conquer the racks on that hot sticky day. Preparation is the key. Give yourself a time limit. No need to go all day. This way you will feel more productive. Dress in cotton or linen when you venture out,......

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Bring Your Shape Wear

Ladies have you ever gone about your business, when all of a sudden you stumble across a lovely little boutique, yet you can’t try on the dresses because you are not prepared for it. “If only I knew this was here, I would have brought my good underwear!”  I have heard this a hundred times.

Happy New Year!

Hi Ladies! It's that time of year again. THE VERY BEGINNING!  "I love going back to work again after a lovely christmas and new year holiday."  Says no one ever! If you're like me the same applies to you. We are enjoying a final relax from our hectic year, and  as the days tick away our holiday mode comes quickly to an end. For me it is a mixture of, "Oh NO!" to "Oooooh I so can't wait to get started into the new near. Wow this year is gonna be great! "

Advise For The Men

Good Advice for the Men! - Insight into why it's so hard to shop for a woman. Hi Guys!  today I'm going to give you a little insight into the woman in your life and their shopping! IT'S A SCIENCE!  Honestly there are so many factors to consider before she will make her final decision. For a man, all you have to do, is choose a suit, the correct colour, and make it fit. There Done!

Introducing Barbara Walker Our Resident Seamstress

LOOKING FOR A GREAT Seamstress? Welcome to our newest member of the team Barbara Walker.  Barbara is an amazing bridal dressmaker with a very sharp eye for detail. Her work is second to none and I highly recommend her for any alterations needed for your special event.If you are in need of a Seamstress Barbara is on Hand to help with all your alteration needs. How it works- When you purchase a dress from our store, we will give you one of Barbara’s business cards. Once you have contacted her, Barbara will make and appointment  with you, at both her......

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Fashion Tip Of the Week “There’s no where to shop!”

I hear it all the time. "I can't find anything, i have looked around the whole city and still can't find what I want". "There's nothing out there for me". "I just can't seem to find a shop that has what I am looking for."

How to Shop for that Special Occasion

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE EXPERIENCE Shopping for a dress isn’t always easy. Some ladies absolutely love it and find their outfit straight away. However this is not the case for the majority of women. Some absolutely dread shopping, due to the overwhelming anxiety it can cause. How to shop for that special occasion?

“I Don’t feel like Looking for a Dress”

You need  a new outfit for a special occasion but you just can't for one reason or another, motivate yourself to get moving. You say to yourself "I Don't feel like Looking for a Dress". But time is ticking by and if you don't do something soon, ... Oh don't even go there! Right? Ok here's the thing..........Feelings do lie to us from time to time, so we can't always listen to them. We need to take control! Eliminate all the obstacles that are preventing you from moving forward and getting this done! So what do we do?