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Advise for the Men

Good Advice for the Men! – Insight into why it’s so hard to shop for a woman.

Hi Guys!  today I’m going to give you a little insight into the woman in your life and their shopping!

IT’S A SCIENCE!  Honestly there are so many factors to consider before she will make her final decision.

For a man, all you have to do, is choose a suit, the correct colour, and make it fit.

There Done!


For a woman however (and we are speaking of your spouse) there is much more to consider.

It’s all done with mirrors! We nip, we tuck, we hide, we colour in, and cover all those bits we don’t want to show. All the while trying to look like Mrs Universe.

varicose reignsAs we age, we women see more imperfections in ourselves than our spouse might do. We notice every spider vein, wrinkle, cellulite, freckle, scar, or skin blemish that wasn’t there yesterday.  Choosing a dress to hide the imperfections is a goal for most women.


Take sleeves for example, I can’t tell you how many women want a sleeve to cover
3/4s of their arms due to saggy skin. Even if it’s not that noticeable.

A hem is also important. Our legs change as we age, our knees sag and we  get spider veins, varicose veins, bruising, stretch marks or scarring. We all have something. So as we pass 30, the hem tends to get lower. Mostly just under the knee.

  • Your lady understands that she may not be an hourglass figure (not many women are)   Instead she may be an apple, a pear,  or a column depending on her age, hormones, bone structure, height and so on.
  •  Understand that most dresses are cookie cut, and not every size 14 lady will fit into the same size 14 dress due to the shape of that particular style of dress,  So we go looking for a style that fits our body shape.  We may have to find a dress with a high waist to take the eye away from the tummy, or a V neckline to give the illusion of a shorter bust line. Again it’s all done with mirrors!  With the right advice  she will find an outfit that will flatter her figure.What is your Shape

A dress is not just a dress, it’s a feeling! 

“You look fantastic in that”. ….” I feel great in this!”

Your Lady may also understand she is not getting any younger. And, that men are visual creatures. It’s true, we can argue till we are blue in the face about  how we can be like men, but the truth is that men and women are different. Men are more visual,  while woman are more emotional.

If your spouse doesn’t feel her best on the day, this can cause anxiety and cloud the whole day for her. The moment a lovely young thing wafts into the room looking gorgeous, watch the eyes of the men, and then look at your spouse, Look at her reaction. This is very common for lots of women. She wants to feel beautiful all day. This is why she makes such an effort to look her best. It makes her feel secure if you only have eyes for her. And in turn she will feel proud to be with you.

It may also be about you 

  • Your Spouse may also be doing this for YOU. Speaking for myself and many other women, I love it, when i’m all dressed up and my hubby  says to me, “Wow you look gorgeous.” It makes me feel loved, secure and beautiful that he thinks that of me. It makes me feel closer to him. I want him to want to look at me. Note:- men are visual women are emotional.

Colour and style

Colour is very important and can be the make it or break it, when speaking of protocol for a function. Especially a wedding. She must not turn up in the same colour and or style as the other party. This can be disastrous, as it causes everyone to compare. Someone is going to come out second best and mostly, a woman will think the other party looks nicer than she does, and this again can cause embarrassment and shame. So choosing a colour, and style different to the other parties is very important, while keeping within the boundaries set for the function. (if it is a wedding this will be set by the bride and groom)

See guys a dress is not just a dress it’s a feeling. And it is part of making the woman feel whole on that day.  So be patient with her. Compliment where you can, and kindly give constructive advice if she asks you. But what ever you do, don’t  criticise or rush through it. Let her show you. Help her with her decision if she asks you, and you will make her day very special.


Happy Shopping Gentlemen!


Ride the Heatwave!

Ride the Heatwave!


Oh my goodness this heat! It melts everything. And being too hot while shopping can be so irritating and uncomfortable. Remember this though. Most local stores have lovely air conditioning and it only takes a few minutes to cool down once you are inside. Then you can Ride the Heatwave!


Below are some tips to help you get your vigour back ready to conquer the racks on that hot sticky day.

Preparation is the key.

Give yourself a time limit. No need to go all day. This way you will feel more productive.

  1. Dress in cotton or linen when you venture out, this helps your skin breath.
  2. Hydrate before you go, and take some chilled water with you.
  3. Go first thing in the morning after a cool shower and breakfast. This way you will be cool and full. Best way to start the day.       
  4. Browse for a little while, before you try anything on. Let yourself cool down a little. This helps in two ways, (A) It’s much easier to get a garment to slip on when you are not all sticky.  (B) You will feel more comfortable. 
  5. Shop with as less distractions as possible. Give yourself time you, while you are out on those hot days, for e.g.. It might be an idea to get the kids looked after or bring something for them to do while you are shopping. Little ones and heat don’t go well together. If you feel it, they will too. (we provide toys for the children)
  6. Don’t be too shy to ask the shop assistant for help, that’s what we are here for. It’s our job to run around for you.

   So there you have it girls

Happy Shopping!!!

Introducing Barbara Walker Our Resident Seamstress

Introducing Barbara Walker Our Resident Seamstress

Welcome to our newest member of the team Barbara Walker.  Barbara is an amazing bridal dressmaker with a very sharp eye for detail. Her work is second to none and I highly recommend her for any alterations needed for your special event.If you are in need of a Seamstress

Barbara is on Hand to help with all your alteration needs.

How it works- When you purchase a dress from our store, we will give you one of Barbara’s business cards. Once you have contacted her, Barbara will make and appointment  with you, at both her and your convenience. Once you have made your appointment  Barbara will give you her address and you are then able to get your outfit altered to your specifications.

Tip for your appointment :-

Purchase your shoes and clutch and and take  these items with you to your appointment. Also  bring a hair tye in case you decide for an undo with your dress.  This will help in several ways.

  • Barbara will be able to measure you properly when she knows your height and width.
  • You will be able to discuss with her how much hem to take up, wether you need it above your heels or just above the surface of the floor.
  • Barbara will be able to show you what the finished product and you will see what you look like so you know exactly what you are paying for.

Her fees are well below the recommended retail price for this type of work and you will receive a high quality product.



Bring Your Shape Wear

Ladies have you ever gone about your business, when all of a sudden you stumble across a lovely little boutique, yet you can’t try on the dresses because you are not prepared for it. “If only I knew this was here, I would have brought my good underwear!”  I have heard this a hundred times.

Below I have a couple of little gems that will help you to be prepared for the unexpected when you are out and about.

* Bring some supplies with you.

Pack a little bag of essentials in the car and leave them there. When you pop into a shop unexpectedly  you will always be prepared.

In this little bag, include

1. Your shape wear or ‘ancy pants’, ‘step ins’ or ‘all in one’.
2. A good, or new bra
3. A pair of shoes.
Trying a new dress on, with everything in place, helps you to make your choice with confidence. It also saves you valuable time. i can’t tell you how many times I have had a lady trying a dress on, only to leave and come back another day with her shape wear.
If your shape wear doesn’t include bra cups, bring a good or new bra. This helps to lift your whole torso up including your tummy, giving a firmer, thinner appearance.
A pair of shoes gives a lovely leg line, and helps you to stand up straight. Good posture finishes the look off perfectly.

* Keep hand wipes in your hand bag.

When we are busy we tend to rush around and our hands and under arms can get sweaty without us even knowing it. So when we get into the store and want to try on, we tend to refrain because we are perspiring or we don’t feel clean.

So bring some hand wipes with you. Simply wipe under your arms and over your hands and wella! you are refreshed and clean ready to go. Pop your wipes in the bin or put them in your bag to discard later. This will help you feel more comfortable and confident to try on dresses.

So there you have it.

Till next time Happy Shopping Ladies!

Shirley Agnew

Happy New Year!

Hi Ladies! It’s that time of year again. THE VERY BEGINNING! 

“I love going back to work again after a lovely christmas and new year holiday.”  Says no one ever!

If you’re like me the same applies to you. We are enjoying a final relax from our hectic year, and  as the days tick away our holiday mode comes quickly to an end. For me it is a mixture of, “Oh NO!” to “Oooooh I so can’t wait to get started into the new near. Wow this year is gonna be great! “

So a whole new year and a whole new world of events to attend.

 You are going to say that you have to work off this christmas cheer before you can think of buying anymore clothes right?! I mean who fits into anything after putting on those Christmas kilos.

Well you don’t have to worry about that. There’s always a solution. One of which is to use your purchase as a great incentive to work toward your goal weight again.  Here in store we have some gorgeous outfits for your special occasion just waiting for you. Hang a lovely piece in plain view and every morning you wake up, take one look and you are reminded of why you are working toward your next event.

 It’s great to have a goal and that is a good one. Not only do you get to wear your prized ensemble, you also get to look trim taught and terrific while you do.

Have a Happy New Year Ladies.

Take care of yourselves and we hope to see you in store soon.

A little new year prezzy just just for you!

Just mention this blog on our website and you receive 10% off any purchase in store. 

Happy Shopping Girls

Shirl xxx



Fashion Tip Of the Week “There’s no where to shop!”

Fashion Tip Of The Week:-

Fashion Tip Of The Week

I hear it all the time. “I can’t find anything, i have looked around the whole city and still can’t find what I want”.
“There’s nothing out there for me”. “I just can’t seem to find a shop that has what I am looking for.”

Are these statements familiar to you? It is true!  It seems to be that there are so many little fashion stores closing down these days. I have counted 5 that I know of around my area. And this is very sad. There are a lot of reasons for this.



I’ll share just a few with you.

  1. Lack of customers in their area
  2. On line sales
  3. The word isn’t getting out
  4. Their prices may be too high. and the list goes on.

Online shopping is great, but there’s nothing like the experience of going into a lovely boutique and purchasing a beautiful outfit. Trying a dress on and knowing what you’re getting is valuable. It seems the older a  woman gets , the more she is likely to shop this way.

There are a few reasons for this.

Apart from the fact that it’s a much more personal experience, she can also see how the item fits. It can be very disheartening to accept delivery, along with the excitement and anticipation of her purchase, only to have to send it back because it’s the wrong colour or size and so on .

Below are just a couple of tips that will help you find those lovely little stores around you.

  1. Google. But don’t just look at the front page. Most little stores can  be on page 4 or 5. This is due to google paid ADs, that can be quite costly for the retailer, so the organic sites are pushed to the back.  Google stores in your area and surrounding areas of your city.
  2. Ask around. “If you don’t ask, you don’t get”, my mother always taught me. There is always someone with great connections to amazing places.
  3. The local paper is great.
  4. If you have a smart phone just ask Siri. She should be able to direct you to where you want to go. Who would think it. Such is technology.

So ladies you must go searching. We are definitely out there. Small business is essential. Keep us in mind.

Look out for your next Blog-Fashion Tip of The Week.

Happy Shopping ladies.

Shirl 🙂

“I Don’t feel like Looking for a Dress”


You need  a new outfit for a special occasion but you just can’t for one reason or another, motivate yourself to get moving. You say to yourself “I Don’t feel like Looking for a Dress”. But time is ticking by and if you don’t do something soon, … Oh don’t even go there! Right?
Ok here’s the thing……….Feelings do lie to us from time to time, so we can’t always listen to them.
We need to take control! Eliminate all the obstacles that are preventing you from moving forward and getting this done!

So what do we do?

 Below are some tips that might just motivate you to go out and conquer.

1. Give yourself time.

However don’t procrastinate. As time ticks by, the event gets closer and anxiety can build up, making you feel less like going.

2. Do your research.

Don’t just set out.  Google is your friend. Type in some Key words to look for the dress, and  the area you would like to shop in. It just might surprise you, what’s right in your neighbourhood that you didnt even it.

3. Should I go alone or call my friend?

It’s always good to go for coffee then hit the shops. Start early in the day. A friend can lift your spirits. The journey is supposed to be fun, however if you would rather go yourself, give yourself permission to enjoy the experience. If you do, little tip, don’t bring too many people. Too many opinions can confuse you.  If you are on your own, ask the consultants what they think. And when they give you the answer, ask them why? Then you will know that they are hearing you and understanding your needs. If they can’t tell you why, then… moving on!

4. Don’t be too shy to try something different.

A new style, or colour, or fabric. It can be very refreshing, exciting and uplifting

5. I like them all!

If you try some outfits  on and you like them all, this next tip will help you choose THE ONE.  Think of how you would feel if they all sold. Which one would you be disappointed in loosing? Or would it not bother you? This will help you make your decision.There is nothing worse than missing out on something because we leave it too long. Again would it devistate you if you missed out on that particular outfit.

6. Once you have found the one, STOP!!!!!!

Work on your accessories next. You may find them in the same store if not take your dress with you when you shop for them.

So happy shopping ladies.

Shirl 🙂 XX

How to Shop for that Special Occasion

Shopping for a dress isn’t always easy. Some ladies absolutely love it and find their outfit straight away. However this is not the case for the majority of women. Some absolutely dread shopping, due to the overwhelming anxiety it can cause. How to shop for that special occasion?

The dress is only part of the picture.

If there is one comment I hear time and again, it would have to be, “I have a function and I have no idea where to start.” I always answer with the same reply. “When all is said and done, when someone comments on your outfit, and they will. You don’t want to hear them say, “Oh that’s a nice dress” You want to hear “You look stunning”, or “You look beautiful”. It’s not all about the dress, but about bringing out the beauty, and confidence of the wearer.

So where do we start?

When you are dressing for a function, there is often a protocol.

Take a wedding for example. First we have the Bride then Bridal Party. Then mother of the Bride, and then Mother of the Groom. Sisters, Grandma,  aunt’s then cousins and then the other guests. Where you come in depends on your position and function for the day.

Communication is the key. Although this is not a competition, when buying their outfit, the Mother of the Bride or Groom must communicate. Firstly the Mother of the Bride; all eyes will be on you. Then the Mother of the groom, you are next, so you want to look and feel your best. It is vitally important that protocol be adhered to when choosing your outfit. Or else you just might end up at the wedding in exactly the same dress (Yes it has been known to happen). So ask what colour, style of dress they will be wearing and make sure you know what colours NOT to wear. This will be the bride and grooms decision. Very often they will have a specific colour for their theme. You will need to complement the bridal party and not clash with it.


A Day at the Races may require a dress code for that particular day. Make sure you do your homework. Google is your friend. Use it. Find out what colours and fabrics are acceptable for that day, and whether or not you will require a hat or fascinator. You don’t want to be over or under dressed.


A few do’s and don’ts on how to shop for that special occasion

Don’t leave it to the last minute. Mostly a lady needs to peruse the racks with time on her hands and a clear head. If the outfit is needed for a special occasion this can cause a lot of pressure which invariably leads to anxiety. For mother of the bride/groom about How to Shop for that Special Occasion3 months prior to the wedding is a good time to start looking. You may find your dream dress straight away, or you may have to order it in, or have alterations done.




Don’t shop hungry. You cannot concentrate on an empty stomach. When you eat before shopping, make sure you don’t over eat and remember to eat foods that are not going to make you feel bloated. This can add a whole size to your body.

Do try to shop without little ones. Acquire a baby sitter or shop while the kids are at school. The pitter patter of little feet are lovely, but when trying to make an important decision on an outfit that could cost you a bit of money, you may well be easily distracted. This can cause your shopping experience to become rushed and sometimes stressful.

Do check your body type. Are you an apple, pear, column or hourglass? Rule of thumb, the right dress for the right body type and you can’t go wrong.

Apple shape – A round tummy, full breasts and full or flat bottom.
Pear Shape – Smaller upper body compared to a larger lower body.How to Shop for that Special Occasion
Hour Glass Shape – defined waistline.

Column Shape – Broad shoulders and hips undefined waist.

Don’t be shy to Ask for help. It’s the sales assistant’s job to bring out the beauty within you. They can help you with colour, style and fabric.

Do remember in an ideal world there would be a universal size for everyone. However as it is, sizes differ from designer to designer and where they manufacture.

So I hope this helps a little, ladies. Remember an event is supposed to be fun, so enjoy the journey getting there, as well. Then you can say, “What a fantastic time we had, one we shall never forget”.

Happy Shopping Ladies

Shirley Agnew