Advise For The Men

Good Advice for the Men! – Insight into why it’s so hard to shop for a woman.

Hi Guys!  today I’m going to give you a little insight into the woman in your life and their shopping!

IT’S A SCIENCE!  Honestly there are so many factors to consider before she will make her final decision.

For a man, all you have to do, is choose a suit, the correct colour, and make it fit.

There Done!

For a woman however (and we are speaking of your spouse) there is much more to consider.

It’s all done with mirrors! We nip, we tuck, we hide, we colour in, and cover all those bits we don’t want to show. All the while trying to look like Mrs Universe.

As we age, we women see more imperfections in ourselves than our spouse might do. We notice every spider vein, wrinkle, cellulite, freckle, scar, or skin blemish that wasn’t there yesterday.  Choosing a dress to hide the imperfections is a goal for most women.

Take sleeves for example, I can’t tell you how many women want a sleeve to cover 3/4s of their arms due to saggy skin. Even if it’s not that noticeable.

A hem is also important. Our legs change as we age, our knees sag and we  get spider veins, varicose veins, bruising, stretch marks or scarring. We all have something. So as we pass 30, the hem tends to get lower. Mostly just under the knee.

  •  Your lady understands that she may not be an hourglass figure (not many women are)   Instead she may be an apple, a pear,  or a column depending on her age, hormones, bone structure, height and so on.Understand that most dresses are cookie cut, and not every size 14 lady will fit into the same size 14 dress due to the shape of that particular style of dress,  So we go looking for a style that fits our body shape.  We may have to find a dress with a high waist to take the eye away from the tummy, or a V neckline to give the illusion of a shorter bust line. Again it’s all done with mirrors!  With the right advice  she will find an outfit that will flatter her figure.

A dress is not just a dress, it’s a feeling! 

“You look fantastic in that”. ….” I feel great in this!”

Your Lady may also understand she is not getting any younger. And, that men are visual creatures. It’s true, we can argue till we are blue in the face about  how we can be like men, but the truth is that men and women are different. Men are more visual,  while woman are more emotional.

If your spouse doesn’t feel her best on the day, this can cause anxiety and cloud the whole day for her. The moment a lovely young thing wafts into the room looking gorgeous, watch the eyes of the men, and then look at your spouse, Look at her reaction. This is very common for lots of women. She wants to feel beautiful all day. This is why she makes such an effort to look her best. It makes her feel secure if you only have eyes for her. And in turn she will feel proud to be with you.

It may also be about you 

  • Your Spouse may also be doing this for YOU. Speaking for myself and many other women, I love it, when i’m all dressed up and my hubby  says to me, “Wow you look gorgeous.” It makes me feel loved, secure and beautiful that he thinks that of me. It makes me feel closer to him. I want him to want to look at me. Note:- men are visual women are emotional.

Colour and style

Colour is very important and can be the make it or break it, when speaking of protocol for a function. Especially a wedding. She must not turn up in the same colour and or style as the other party. This can be disastrous, as it causes everyone to compare. Someone is going to come out second best and mostly, a woman will think the other party looks nicer than she does, and this again can cause embarrassment and shame. So choosing a colour, and style different to the other parties is very important, while keeping within the boundaries set for the function. (if it is a wedding this will be set by the bride and groom)

See guys a dress is not just a dress it’s a feeling. And it is part of making the woman feel whole on that day.  So be patient with her. Compliment where you can, and kindly give constructive advice if she asks you. But what ever you do, don’t  criticise or rush through it. Let her show you. Help her with her decision if she asks you, and you will make her day very special.

Happy Shopping Gentlemen!