Bring Your Shape Wear

Ladies have you ever gone about your business, when all of a sudden you stumble across a lovely little boutique, yet you can’t try on the dresses because you are not prepared for it. “If only I knew this was here, I would have brought my good underwear!”  I have heard this a hundred times.

Below I have a couple of little gems that will help you to be prepared for the unexpected when you are out and about.

* Bring some supplies with you.

Pack a little bag of essentials in the car and leave them there. When you pop into a shop unexpectedly  you will always be prepared.

In this little bag, include

1. Your shape wear or ‘ancy pants’, ‘step ins’ or ‘all in one’.
2. A good, or new bra
3. A pair of shoes.
Trying a new dress on, with everything in place, helps you to make your choice with confidence. It also saves you valuable time. i can’t tell you how many times I have had a lady trying a dress on, only to leave and come back another day with her shape wear.
If your shape wear doesn’t include bra cups, bring a good or new bra. This helps to lift your whole torso up including your tummy, giving a firmer, thinner appearance.
A pair of shoes gives a lovely leg line, and helps you to stand up straight. Good posture finishes the look off perfectly.

* Keep hand wipes in your hand bag.

When we are busy we tend to rush around and our hands and under arms can get sweaty without us even knowing it. So when we get into the store and want to try on, we tend to refrain because we are perspiring or we don’t feel clean.

So bring some hand wipes with you. Simply wipe under your arms and over your hands and wella! you are refreshed and clean ready to go. Pop your wipes in the bin or put them in your bag to discard later. This will help you feel more comfortable and confident to try on dresses.

So there you have it.

Till next time Happy Shopping Ladies!

Shirley Agnew