Happy New Year!

Hi Ladies! It’s that time of year again. THE VERY BEGINNING! 

“I love going back to work again after a lovely christmas and new year holiday.”  Says no one ever!

If you’re like me the same applies to you. We are enjoying a final relax from our hectic year, and  as the days tick away our holiday mode comes quickly to an end. For me it is a mixture of, “Oh NO!” to “Oooooh I so can’t wait to get started into the new near. Wow this year is gonna be great! “

So a whole new year and a whole new world of events to attend.

 You are going to say that you have to work off this christmas cheer before you can think of buying anymore clothes right?! I mean who fits into anything after putting on those Christmas kilos.

Well you don’t have to worry about that. There’s always a solution. One of which is to use your purchase as a great incentive to work toward your goal weight again.  Here in store we have some gorgeous outfits for your special occasion just waiting for you. Hang a lovely piece in plain view and every morning you wake up, take one look and you are reminded of why you are working toward your next event.

 It’s great to have a goal and that is a good one. Not only do you get to wear your prized ensemble, you also get to look trim taught and terrific while you do.

Have a Happy New Year Ladies.

Take care of yourselves and we hope to see you in store soon.

A little new year prezzy just just for you!

Just mention this blog on our website and you receive 10% off any purchase in store. 

Happy Shopping Girls

Shirl xxx