“I Don’t feel like Looking for a Dress”

You need  a new outfit for a special occasion but you just can’t for one reason or another, motivate yourself to get moving. You say to yourself “I Don’t feel like Looking for a Dress”. But time is ticking by and if you don’t do something soon, … Oh don’t even go there! Right?
Ok here’s the thing……….Feelings do lie to us from time to time, so we can’t always listen to them.
We need to take control! Eliminate all the obstacles that are preventing you from moving forward and getting this done!

So what do we do?

 Below are some tips that might just motivate you to go out and conquer.

1. Give yourself time.

However don’t procrastinate. As time ticks by, the event gets closer and anxiety can build up, making you feel less like going.

2. Do your research.

Don’t just set out.  Google is your friend. Type in some Key words to look for the dress, and  the area you would like to shop in. It just might surprise you, what’s right in your neighbourhood that you didnt even it.

3. Should I go alone or call my friend?

It’s always good to go for coffee then hit the shops. Start early in the day. A friend can lift your spirits. The journey is supposed to be fun, however if you would rather go yourself, give yourself permission to enjoy the experience. If you do, little tip, don’t bring too many people. Too many opinions can confuse you.  If you are on your own, ask the consultants what they think. And when they give you the answer, ask them why? Then you will know that they are hearing you and understanding your needs. If they can’t tell you why, then… moving on!

4. Don’t be too shy to try something different.

A new style, or colour, or fabric. It can be very refreshing, exciting and uplifting

5. I like them all!

If you try some outfits  on and you like them all, this next tip will help you choose THE ONE.  Think of how you would feel if they all sold. Which one would you be disappointed in loosing? Or would it not bother you? This will help you make your decision.There is nothing worse than missing out on something because we leave it too long. Again would it devistate you if you missed out on that particular outfit.

6. Once you have found the one, STOP!!!!!!

Work on your accessories next. You may find them in the same store if not take your dress with you when you shop for them.

So happy shopping ladies.

Shirl 🙂 XX