Introducing Barbara Walker Our Resident Seamstress


Welcome to our newest member of the team Barbara Walker.  Barbara is an amazing bridal dressmaker with a very sharp eye for detail. Her work is second to none and I highly recommend her for any alterations needed for your special event.If you are in need of a Seamstress

Barbara is on Hand to help with all your alteration needs.

How it works- When you purchase a dress from our store, we will give you one of Barbara’s business cards. Once you have contacted her, Barbara will make and appointment  with you, at both her and your convenience. Once you have made your appointment  Barbara will give you her address and you are then able to get your outfit altered to your specifications.

Tip for your appointment :-

Purchase your shoes and clutch and and take  these items with you to your appointment. Also  bring a hair tye in case you decide for an undo with your dress.  This will help in several ways.

  • Barbara will be able to measure you properly when she knows your height and width.
  • You will be able to discuss with her how much hem to take up, wether you need it above your heels or just above the surface of the floor.
  • Barbara will be able to show you what the finished product and you will see what you look like so you know exactly what you are paying for.

Her fees are well below the recommended retail price for this type of work and you will receive a high quality product.