Ride the Heatwave!

Ride the Heatwave!


Oh my goodness this heat! It melts everything. And being too hot while shopping can be so irritating and uncomfortable. Remember this though. Most local stores have lovely air conditioning and it only takes a few minutes to cool down once you are inside. Then you can Ride the Heatwave!


Below are some tips to help you get your vigour back ready to conquer the racks on that hot sticky day.

Preparation is the key.

Give yourself a time limit. No need to go all day. This way you will feel more productive.

  1. Dress in cotton or linen when you venture out, this helps your skin breath.
  2. Hydrate before you go, and take some chilled water with you.
  3. Go first thing in the morning after a cool shower and breakfast. This way you will be cool and full. Best way to start the day.       
  4. Browse for a little while, before you try anything on. Let yourself cool down a little. This helps in two ways, (A) It’s much easier to get a garment to slip on when you are not all sticky.  (B) You will feel more comfortable. 
  5. Shop with as less distractions as possible. Give yourself time you, while you are out on those hot days, for e.g.. It might be an idea to get the kids looked after or bring something for them to do while you are shopping. Little ones and heat don’t go well together. If you feel it, they will too. (we provide toys for the children)
  6. Don’t be too shy to ask the shop assistant for help, that’s what we are here for. It’s our job to run around for you.

   So there you have it girls

Happy Shopping!!!