The Best Fashion Accessories in Brisbane

Here it is girls, the Best Fashion Accessories in Brisbane. What you can create with this piece has no bounds. Firstly a gorgeous beaded belt to dress up any plain dress or play suit. Then with a slip of the wrist, you have a lovely headband to compliment a lovely hair do. Then we have the gorgeous choker to set of your décolletage for your strapless or off the shoulder dresses or pant suits. Either way this fashion accessory is a must for your staple wardrobe. Valued at only $89, this piece is so versatile there is no end to the styles and designs you can create for your next special outfit.

Tips for the Best Fashion Accessories

Any shape body figure will look good with this 3 in 1 accessory piece. The slate blue and gold beading lend themselves to lovely complimenting colours. Block colours look best with this piece because you don’t want the lovely bling to get lost in too many patterns. So a plain outfit is best. However if you love throwing lots of colours, and textures together, go for it, this may work for your style.

Wear lovely slate blue, black or gold shoes and clutch to compliment this piece.