Plus Size Dresses Brisbane +16-+24

Aren’t They Gorgeous? Yes they are, and they are available right now. In this lovely range we feature some stunning Plus Size Dresses in Brisbane. The sizes range from +16-+24. What you see here is actually in our store. We do not advertise what we don’t have. Each dress has the size that is available in brackets to the right of the label. We know it isn’t easy to find good quality voluptuous  dresses in Brisbane.  We hear it all the time. However, we are passionate about sourcing stunning outfits for you our lovely ladies.

Who are our Designers?

Here in this gorgeous album we have many of the leading Australian brands. Such as, Eve Hunter, Layla Jones, Flirt, Jadore, Mr K, Zaliea, Jesse Harper,Bariano,  Swish, Worship and more.  Keep an eye out for our beautiful new arrivals, here at It’s Your Moment formal boutique. Once you see your dress, pop in quickly to our store. You don’t want to miss out. You’ll be glad you did.