Amber Fascinator by Shirley Ann Designs


Amber- Meaning- Jewel. And she certainly is. Trendy, edgy and fun. Ready for your next race day event, this fascinator is like no other. The Amber Fascinator is simple yet stylish. A little headband with feathers, siminay and a little butterfly motif.

Tips for the Amber Fascinator

The Amber  looks great with our lovely with quite a few of our lovely pieces from Moments Boutique .  Mix and Match with your favourite dress or play suit. The colours in this beautiful head piece can be paired some amazing outfits.  Why not recycle from home.  Purchasing a little fascinator from our store is a must as a staple for your race day wardrobe.


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Shirley Ann Designs




Feathers, Sinimay

Made In

Brisbane Australia