Swish Palazzo Pant Size 18,20


Our signature Swish Fashion Palazzo Pant is an incredible, quality piece, that will last for years in your wardrobe. This shape has been crafted to perfectly fall over a real woman’s figure. It has a wider leg and a full elastic waist. Comfortable and stylish, is what you will feel in this light weight, quality jersey fabric. This is a wash n’ wear drip dry garment which is great for travel. When packing simply roll it up and put it in your luggage. It will keep it’s shape and alway look amazing. Wear this pant to any semi formal event.  Dress it up with a lovely Swish Fashion top and Jacket from Moments Boutique.

Product Description: Length: Full Length, past the ankle. Fit: Loose fit, plus size. Detail: Elastic waist band with a slightly flared leg. Fabric: Polyester/spandex. Care Instructions: Machine washable, Do not Tumble Dry, Do Not Bleach, Dry in the shade. Designed in Australia and Proudly Made in Australia.

Body Shape

Do you know your body shape?  We typically fit into a category of around 5 body types. Being hourglass, pear, apple, inverted triangle, and column.  If you would like to learn what shape you are simply click here. The Palazzo pant can be worn by almost any  body shape. Depending on height. If you are tall it will look great. If you are of a shorter stature you might want to look for a slim leg pant or a boot leg pant. Make sure you wear a shoe that is the same colour as your pants. This brings the look to the floor, again creating a lengthier leg.  Get your Swish Fashion Palazzo Pant Today!  Find us on Facebook. 

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