Citrus Brassiere Midi by Pasduchas Size 10

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Sophisticated and fun, is the White Citrus Brassiere Midi. This dress enhances the female form by its internal bustier shaped seaming, and a subtly shaped neckline. It hugs the hips and falls below the knee. Note the citrus print pattern on the front of the dress and tiny black polkadots all over.

Tips for the Citrus Brassiere Midi

If you are an hourglass, or a column shaped figure, this dress is for you. As a result it is an excellent choice for any semi formal or smart casual occasion. Nude shoes look great with this dress, as a light shoe lengthens your legs, and lets the eye see your whole silhouette. A dark shoe, especially a black one, will box you in and draw the eye to your legs. So rule of thumb? Go for something light and strappy here. Your clutch doesn’t have to match your shoes. Those days are gone, we beat to our own drum now, so choose a colour that is within the pattern, such as a light pink, or lemon, maybe a pearly ivory, or very light citrus colour. A black one will be too heavy with this dress so keep it on the lighter end of the spectrum.

Designed & Made in Australia.

Please check your size. The below chart is only a guide as we are all different.  Pasduchas Brand tend to be on the smaller side of the spectrum. We suggest you take your measurements if you are buying on line to make sure you will purchase the best fit possible. If you are generally a size 10, you may like to go up a size in the Pasduchas Brand for a surer fit. If you are just browsing and looking for a store, pop in and try on. We will be only too happy to help with size.(9 times out of 10, we all need some little adjustments. We can recommend a seamstress for you)




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