Sunny Cardigan Generous Size 16,18


The Sunny Cardigan by SWISH has arrived in store! This vibrant yellow, white and black cardi is your new GO TO for spring/summer wardrobe staples. This cardigan lends itself to a whole host of fashion possibilities. Wear this lovely piece over any little cami with colours that are present in the cardigan. Pair back with jeans, slacks a skirt or leggings. The lovely chiffon sleeves adds glamour to this top, and the striped ruffle hem gives a striking contrast of pattern to the lovely vibrant yellow flowers.

Wear to any semi formal or smart casual event. The little sleeves bring this item from day to night and just changing it up with a different colour pant, brings you to dinner out. More sets such as Sunny Cardigan can be found in our other albums such as 

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Body Shape

It’s all done with mirrors as they say. Do you know your body shape?  We typically fit into a category of around 5 body types. Being hourglass, pear, apple, inverted triangle, and column.  If you would like to learn what shape you are simply click here. The Sunny Cardi can be worn by almost any body shape, depending on your height. If you are tall it will look great for the hourglass, and column. For the tall girl who is a pear shape, push the sleeves up a little to create a wider shoulder. This will give the illusion of an hourglass or column shape.  If you are of a shorter stature you might want to keep it open and wear a cami underneath the same colour as your pants and shoes, again creating an illusion of height.

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Generous 16, Generous 18