Size 12 Dresses and Pant Suits

Size 12 Dresses and more right here for you. Wether you need an outfit for a special occasion or you need one for a rainy day. Look no further. This little album is sure to please.

Most of our Items are made right here in Australia. So you know you are purchasing a quality product.  Mix and match with your favourites in your existing wardrobe. It’s amazing what you can put together.

Make sure your accessories compliment your outfit. For these you can pop into our store or purchase on line. Rule of thumb. Less is more unless you like to beat to your own drum. Then it’s totally up to you.

Light shoes with a darker dress lengthen the legs and create a svelte look. If you have long lushes legs, then you can get away with a dark shoe, otherwise these will box you in and the first place the eye will look is to the feet.

You are going to love these gorgeous Size 12 designs. Happy Shopping ladies!

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Showing all 32 results