Skirts & Tops

Ladies, if you have a shorter torso, these Skirts & Tops are excellent for your body type. You are able to place the waistband where you would like it to go. This is a good way to achieve that hourglass look.  The great  aspect of having a skirt and a nice top is that you can mix and match them with others of your  wardrobe staples. You can create new looks and wear them all the time on different occasions. It’s amazing what one little piece will do for your whole wardrobe.

Featured here In this little album, we have a small selection of Skirts & Tops that are in store just waiting for you.

Designers such as By Moss & Spy, MrK, Flirt and Eve Hunter really cater for the Australian woman. This is due to the generous nature of the fabric in  their ensembles. These lovely skirts are all that is left from our incredible range.  Any piece is excellent for adding to your wardrobe of staples. It is always a good idea to have a lovely skirt & top on hand when you need one. Be quick they are nearly all gone!