What is my Body Shape

What is my Body Shape?


This little Blog Post is to help you know your recognise what shape dress you will fit into.  We are all so different however there are 4 basic shapes that we can all fit into. Check below to find out what you have.

Apple shape – A round tummy, full breasts and full or flat bottom. Pear Shape – Smaller upper body compared to a larger lower body. Hourglass Shape – defined waistline. Column Shape – Broad shoulders and hips undefined waist.

Don’t be shy to Ask for help. It’s the sales assistant’s job to bring out the beauty within you. They can help you to recognise your shape and what styles can accentuate your beauty and what styles will take away from you, and why.

Do remember in an ideal world there would be a universal size for everyone. However as it is, sizes differ from designer to designer and where they are manufactured. Remember an event is supposed to be fun, so enjoy the journey getting there, as well. Then you can say, “What a fantastic time we had, one we shall never forget”.

Happy Shopping Ladies

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Bring Your Shape Wear

Ladies have you ever gone about your business, when all of a sudden you stumble across a lovely little boutique, yet you can’t try on the dresses because you are not prepared for it. “If only I knew this was here, I would have brought my good underwear!”  I have heard this a hundred times.